Seafood Restaurant


The challenge on this project was to design a restaurant inspired in the private and romantic feels of Venice.

To achieve the references taken were: textures, materials and lighting, to help the clients to travel in space as if they were on a ride in gondolas while eating.

Tutor: Arq. Enrique Jiménez

The Hood Hotel

'The Hood Hotel' idea was created based on the traditional market and interior gardens for bringing the outside to the inside.

These two concepts are reflected in the lack of order of the market and the perimeter plants that surround the interior of the place, helping users to travel in time without having to fall into the traditional Baroque architecture.


Tutor: Marta López

Origami Table



Furniture based on origami (the Japanese art of paper folding), which was built using only a sheet of wood (1.22m x 2.44m).

The challenge was to piece together every part of the table using different materials avoiding the use of screws.


Tutor: Eduarto Duarte

'La Alegría de los Niños'




Thesis project for University in which I studied the use of personal objects as a designing element within a space. Specially in children’s bedrooms, analyzing the current concept of “order” (like a synonymous of “hiding / storing”).


The project was developed in the Orphanage “La Alegría de los Niños” (The Kids Joy) located in Querétaro, Mexico City.

Tutor: Alexander Cziharz