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P E R S O N A L  P R O J E C T S

It's a new project that shows us how places can tell stories through the position of objects, their deterioration over time and the wear of materials, without need of characters nor descriptions.


Each space has a story to tell and everyone has a different way to tell it.

Storyplace covers several topics: from strong clinical issues to historical or supernatural events.

Go on a tour through these places and try to make your own story!



Someone lying to you is like seeing a wall of heavy transparent brick building in front of you, or when you can't find the door in the room to get out of your identity crisis.

These are some of the spots I've been through. Inner spaces that somehow help me to stand where I'm now.

If you get near enough you could hear what materials, light and structures have to say.

These are my words 'written' in stone.



The idea of this project is to give everyone the opportunity to look at the best architecture through their window, as if they had the chance to see every corner of the world.

This collection consists of ten pieces using gouache paint.


I usually draw the people who teaches me something in some way. I like to paint my own heroes and heroines.

We all know at least one woman who changed something in us.

This is a tribute for all the women who demonstrated being warriors somehow at some point of their lives; those who got lost on the way and the ones who made it to the end.

This collection is not finished yet, there will be a lot more because we are too many warriors still fighting.

Do you remember all the cartoons you grew up with?

Well, I do.

It had so much impact on me that I made them a tribute.

Some of them are from the 2000’s but most of them from the 90’s.

I wanted to capture the characters and their essence in one illustration, that's why I chose to paint their houses. It gathers all the stories and feels like somehow it's one more character in the story.

The collection consists of thirty pieces using gouache paint.



These paintings were made just for fun, warm-up or practice.

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