J A Q U E   J O U R S


It's a new project that shows us how places can tell stories through the position of objects, their deterioration over time and the wear of materials, without need of characters nor descriptions.


Each space has a story to tell and everyone has a different way to tell it.

Storyplace covers several topics: from strong clinical issues to historical or supernatural events.

Go on a tour through these places and try to make your own story!


I'm Mexican. I graduated as an Interior Architect.

I truly believe that architecture gathers more stories than a human being, that's why architecture is the main character in most of my drawings.

Telling stories through my paintings is what keeps me going.

I always prefer watercolor and gouache.

I'm a hobby hunter.  Play piano, write and skate are some of my favorites.

I lived abroad for a while, learning about scenography and creative writing.

I collaborated as Production Designer for an animated video clip. Three years ago I wrote and illustrated a children's book.

I've worked on independent projects as architect and illustrator. I'm currently working with the feminist mexican magazine: Fem Futura

And I'm studying a Master Degree on Literature in Mexico City.

If you find something you like, don't hesitate to send me a message so we can work together!


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Estado de México, México.​​


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